November is Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month. HPH organises, coordinates and participates in a series of events:
8-9 November: 2nd Panhellenic Patient Conference: “Patients in Power 2013: Patient YES, Passive NO” HPH, Divani Hotel
9 November Part A/30 November Part B: Medical Education Seminar: “An echocardiographic approach to PH diagnosis: treatment options – treatment goals – discussion of special medical cases.” The seminar is organised by George Athanassopoulos and Demetrios Tsapras of the Onasseio Surgery Clinics ”Unit of Bloodless Diagnostic Techniques”, and with the support of GlaxoSmithkline plc.
24 November:  “Women in Action for PH” Charity event with fabulous live music from composer Antonis Gounaris and the delicious food menu of Restaurant “57″.
Finally, HPH participates in «Pulmonary Hypertension online Awareness Month» world campaign with daily updates in all social media.

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